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Spotless Stadium

Spotless Stadium

The Thunder has signed a 10-year agreement to host all of its games at the most modern, fan-friendly stadium in Sydney.

Redeveloped in 2011, Spotless Stadium has a cricket capacity of more than 22,000 and one of the biggest in-stadium screens in the Southern Hemisphere.

After the success of the two Thunder games at Spotless Stadium in BBL04, General Manager Nick Cummins believes the new stadium will create an unmatched atmosphere in the BBL.

“The Spotless Stadium agreement is the culmination of twelve months’ hard work from a number of people at Cricket New South Wales, Cricket Australia and the Royal Agricultural Society,” said Cummins.

“We believe that we have the best stadium in Australia to watch BBL cricket, and I can’t wait to see Mike and the rest of the team take the field in front of a packed house.”