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Thunder supports Sierra Leone Patriots

08 November 2019

Kent Cricket Club, Sierra Leone

Donation of equipment to help Sierra Leone National Cricket Team

Superseded cricket equipment and uniform from cricket clubs, schools and individuals across the Thunder Nation has been donated to the Sierra Leone National Cricket Team.

The Sierra Leone National Cricket Team, known as the Patriots, received equipment and uniform including bats, helmets, pads, gloves, playing uniform, cones and wickets, all of which will help with upcoming fixtures. 

The equipment and uniform were presented by the Kent Cricket Club at the Prince of Wales School in Freetown in Sierra Leone.

Earlier this year, Thunder donated cricket equipment and playing uniform to the Kent CC to help inspire young girls and boys to love cricket, and the club has generously shared this with the Patriots.

CEO of the Kent CC Emmanuel Pessima said the club is happy to extend support to the Sierra Leone Cricket National Team.

Chairman of the Kent CC Mr Abdul Tejan-Cole said the club is looking forward to a continued collaboration between Kent CC and the Sierra Leone Cricket National Team.

Sierra Leone Cricket Association Board Secretary Mr Daniel Koroma extend his gratitude to the Kent CC, noting that it is very costly to purchase cricket equipment and that they will take good care of the donations they have received and make the most of the kit to improve their skills.

For more information, please contact Sydney Thunder.