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Thunder Nation friendship blossoms at Blundstone

03 April 2020

Lyndell and Graeme at the Elimination Final in Hobart

Lyndell and Graeme are passionate Members of the Thunder Nation who travelled from Sydney to Hobart for the Elimination Final against the Hurricanes. 

That’s where they met nine-year-old Cooper – a huge Thunder fan from Tasmania who doesn’t miss a game at Blundstone Arena. 

Cooper was wearing his favourite Thunder shirt and Lyndell and Graeme gave him a flag and some temporary tattoos that they had brought with them from Sydney.

"We sat in the front row of the David Boon Stand and Cooper and his mum and dad were higher up and across,” Lyndell said.

"He came all the way down to shake hands and high five us. I guess the Thunder green stood out amongst all the Hurricane purple.

“Dad came down with him after the game to thank us for the flag – we took two small ones to wave – and some of the small tattoos I still had in my backpack.” 

Lyndell, Graeme and Cooper have stayed in touch by writing to each other. Lyndell and Graeme even sent Cooper some more Thunder merchandise they’ve collected over the years.

Here’s a recent email from Cooper to Lyndell and Graeme.

Hi Lyndell and Graeme,

I was so excited to receive my Sydney Thunder package from you guys. My favourite thing was EVERYTHING. And thanks for the massive letter, Mum read it out to me and I was so happy. Your dog Vella sounds adorable and cute, give her a pat from me.

Yes, Callum Ferguson came over and spoke to me for ages. He said he remembered me from the week before. When he was in his press conference, he spotted me waiting and stuck his thumb up – it made my night.

I had my photo taken with him again and got some signatures. Callum told me to keep playing cricket and I’ll play for Australia one day.

I played for the New Norfolk Redcaps U/13 cricket team this year. It was my first season as I’m only 9 years old. I got a trophy for ‘Teammate of the Year’. I took seven wickets throughout the season and made 46 runs. My highest score was 11 and my best bowling was 2/16 off three overs.

If we ever come to Sydney, we will come and visit you. Your house sounds like fun.

Stay safe.

Love Cooper.