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Sydney Thunder Supports Cricket in Canada

30 April 2018

Regina Titans In Canada

Sydney Thunder has provided much needed cricket gear and uniform to the Regina Titans

Based in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, the Regina Titans are a newly founded cricket club. Their club features women from Canada, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Pakistan and India and they will be participating in the inaugural Saskatchewan Women's Cricket League.

Whilst the existing men's competition is well established with strong participation, it is the rapid rise of the local women's participation that has generated significant interest.

The growth of women's participation in cricket in Saskatchewan is largely due to the passion and vision of Salman Khan, who is the founder of the Titans Sports & Social Club in Regina and is excited about the outcomes achieved so far.

"Cricket has grown immensely in Saskatchewan. Since getting support from Sydney Thunder, our women's program participation has increased substantially," Khan said.

"Due to this increased popularity and status of our club, we have been able to secure a seat in the provincial cricket board as well and now have become active proponent of women's cricket even at a much higher level."



According to Khan, it has been the rise in the migrant population, from South Asia and Europe specifically, that has boosted participation.

"The teams include various newcomers aged between 14-17, some of who will be playing cricket for the very first time. Women's cricket under the umbrella of Titans SSC is well on its way to a brighter future," Khan elaborated.

"Sydney Thunder has become a prominent name within our circles. Their support has enabled us to thoroughly focus on the development of cricket as a sport amongst the youth and women followers."

Through donations to the Thunder Foundation, Sydney Thunder is able to provide valuable support to cricket clubs, both locally and abroad. Sydney Thunder has donated cricket gear, uniform and equipment to; Fiji, Uganda, Nepal, Kenya, Caribbean, Indonesia and Germany, whilst continuing to support local cricket clubs through the recent HomeWorld Helpers Grant.

The Thunder Foundation is the charitable arm of Sydney Thunder. For more information and to donate visit