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Village Survival Guide: HD and Sammy-Jo

30 September 2020

Find out what our Thunder players need to survive in the Rebel WBBL Village

For our Sydney Thunder players, life will be a little different during the sixth edition of the Rebel Women’s Big Bash League, with all teams being accommodated in a bio-secure hub in Sydney Olympic Park.

So, what do young gun Hannah Darlington and new recruit Sammy-Jo Johnson need to survive life in the Rebel WBBL Village?

Hannah Darlington:

1. Laptop – “For Netflix and uni work, definitely going to need that."

2. Sudoku book – “I’m challenging myself to try and finish it during the season.”

3. Dog – “I wish. I’ll probably miss my dog more than mum and dad. If a dog turns up in the hub, it’s not mine…”

4. Pillow – “I need my own pillow. Maybe even a blanket as well.”

5. HDMI cable – “That’s a big one, so I can connect games to the TV.”

6. Shoes – “I’ll bring too many pairs of shoes and then probably only wear my Birkes.”

7. ‘Flanny’ aka flannelette shirt – “Look out for Lauren Smith and I wearing those together.”

Sammy-Jo Johnson:

1. Foxtel subscription – “That is definitely number one on the list. I have to be able to watch Fox Sports 24/7. That’s all I watch, live off it. I’ll definitely be watching the V8s closely.”

2. PlayStation – “I’ve done a few tours and I know I need to be able to switch off from human beings because I just can’t deal with them sometimes. I love a bit of Crash Bandicoot as well as car racing games… I’ve got it all lined up ready to go. We’ve got about 8-9 players under the age of 21 who probably don’t even know what Crash Bandicoot is so I’ll have to teach them.”

3. SS Holden Commodore – “I know I’m not allowed to drive anywhere, but if it’s parked in the car park, I’ll sit in it and play music, or at least turn it on. It’s a serious thought, I’m actually going to ask if I’m allowed to leave it in the car park. I’m going to make sure I put the car wash in the boot, that way – if I’m allowed to – I’ll wash my car in our breaks.”

4. Pool cue – “I have a pool table at home, so I’ll take my pool cue in because I think there might be a pool table going in. It’s my special cue I like to use, it’s a certain weight. I’ve played quite a fair bit of pool over the years – few pool comps at the pub.”

The full 59-match WBBL season begins on Sunday 25 October, with Thunder taking on crosstown rivals the Sydney Sixers at North Sydney Oval on the opening day of the tournament.

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