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Team Nepal locked in for HomeWorld Thunder Nation Cup

14 March 2022

Squad selected following competitive community trial session

The Nepalese community turned out in force to trial for the upcoming HomeWorld Thunder Nation Cup, with more than 60 participants taking part in a competitive session at Cricket NSW’s indoor nets.

The trials were originally meant to be a gala day featuring 21 teams from the Nepalese Cricket Association however the event had to be shifted indoors due to wet weather in Sydney.

Despite the change of plans, the players gave their all, displaying incredible enthusiasm – and skill – as selectors picked a squad to represent the Nepalese community.

"The HomeWorld Thunder Nation Cup to me and to the Nepalese Cricket Association is all about the opportunity to celebrate our culture," said Ajay Kashtry - Nepalese Cricket Association.

"To learn and celebrate the cultures of the other multicultural backgrounds around the Thunder Nation, and to bridge the gaps and to connect different communities and enjoy cricket.

"We feel it is a festival every year that we love being part of.

"You see the turn out today, everyone who attended the trials are so proud to be part of this, and the players selected are so proud to represent the entire group, and Nepal."

Team Nepal - HomeWorld Thunder Nation Cup

Ayush Jung Thada

Bhuwan Karki

Dewesh Soni

Mausuf Jung Rana

Rupesh Shrestha

Sandesh Acharya

Subodh Basnet

Sujan Karki

Yuvraj Malla

Uddhav Dahal

Saroj Pathak

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