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Darlington to captain Lanning XII

18 December 2018

Hannah Darlington

Exhibition match to follow Thunder’s clash against Stars on 5 January

Sydney Thunder’s Hannah Darlington has been named as the captain of the Lanning XII to take on the Perry XII in this season’s rebel WBBL Under 18 Exhibition Match.

The match will follow Thunder’s clash with the Stars on 5 January at Blacktown International Sportspark. A second T20 between the Lanning XII and the Perry XII will take place the next day.

Darlington was part of the inaugural exhibition match last year alongside Thunder teammates Saskia Horley and Rachel Trenaman.

“Last year was awesome to showcase the talent, being out there on the MCG was an amazing experience as well and to get out there with some girls you normally play against was a different experience but a really enjoyable one,” Darlington said.

The 17-year-old is looking forward to the challenge of captaining this side this season.

“I think having captained Under 18 sides before it’ll be a familiar experience but it’ll be different captaining people I’m not really sure of which is a challenge in itself but a really amazing opportunity,” she said.

On top of her experience leading Under 18 sides, Darlington recently captained Thunder’s Indigenous XI to victory in Tasmania.

“Captaining is something I like to take in my stride. It gives you that opportunity to lead from the front and it’s something I enjoy,” she said.

Born and raised in NSW, Darlington is glad that the match will be played in Sydney and hopes that some supporters will stick around after Thunder’s game against the Stars to watch some of the best young players from around the country in action.

“The MCG was amazing but for me Blacktown is basically my home ground so hopefully some of my family will come out to support and others will stay around after the Thunder game,” Darlington said.

“It brings another element into it, that there’s going to be a crowd there after the WBBL game.”

All players will be looking to perform well with the Australia Under 19 tour to New Zealand coming up in March.

“I think it’ll definitely be looked at going towards an Under 19 tour but like any tournament you go out there to enjoy yourself,” she said.

“It will be exciting to have a look at the opposition but also see what talent is available in the underage program.”

Lanning XII

  1. Isabelle Arafas (NSW)
  2. Tiana Atkinson (VIC)
  3. Stella Campbell (NSW)
  4. Rachel Church (SA)
  5. Hannah Darlington (c) (NSW)
  6. Ashlee King (WA)
  7. Charli Knott (vc) (QLD)
  8. Phoebe Litchfield (NSW)
  9. Olivia Porter (NSW)
  10. Sophie Roberts (SA)
  11. Abbey Taylor (NSW)
  12. Georgia Voll (QLD)

Coach: Leah Poulton

Perry XII

  1. Jade Allen (NSW)
  2. Darcie Brown (SA)
  3. Zoe Britcliffe (WA)
  4. Lucy Cripps (VIC)
  5. Maddy Drake (c) (NSW)
  6. Bonnie Davies (TAS)
  7. Tess Flintoff (VIC)
  8. Emily Hinze (SA)
  9. Emma Hughes (NSW)
  10. Ruth Johnston (QLD)
  11. Hayley Silver-Holmes (vc) (NSW)
  12. Courtney Sippel (QLD)

Coach: Julia Price


Saturday 5 January: WBBL Exhibition Match – Lanning XII vs Perry XII, Blacktown International Sportspark, 6:00PM AEDT (Watch live stream via cricket.com.au and the CA Live app)

Sunday 6 January: Lanning XII vs Perry XII, Blacktown International Sportspark, 9:30AM AEDT


5 JAN | vs Melbourne Stars | Blacktown International Sportspark

6 JAN | vs Melbourne Stars | Bankstown Memorial Oval