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Thunder announce Community Round

Thunder announce Community Round

Sydney Thunder will host a Community Round during the 2018/19 season, reaffirming themselves as a uniting force throughout the Thunder Nation.


Thunder today announced that this year, as a part of the Community Round held in January next year, they will aim to raise funds to help provide 10,000 meals with the help of OzHarvest. Sydney Thunder pride themselves on making a significant difference to the community and have led a number of successful local initiatives including the Thunder Nation Cup, Thunder Leadership Program and the Mazda Thunder Bus.

Sydney Thunder’s star players from both BBL and WBBL squads were on-deck at the OzHarvest Headquarters earlier today to show their support and get behind the announcement.

Shane Watson, Jay Lenton, Nathan McAndrew, Alex Blackwell and Saskia Horley rolled-up their sleeves and got to work with OzHarvest, helping load up one of their vans with crates full of rescued food.



Sydney Thunder BBL Captain, Shane Watson was on deck showcasing his support of the initiative, and said: “It’s incredible work that OzHarvest are doing – to be able

to get out to as many families as they can where food insecurities are a problem we are proud to be a part of.”

Sydney Thunder WBBL Captain, Alex Blackwell also spoke to the campaign and its significance to the Sydney Thunder: “It’s great that Sydney Thunder is looking to donate 10,000 meals to those in need. Seeing all the work in the community really makes me want to play better on the field.”



OzHarvest CEO and Founder Ronni Kahn joined players for the announcement of the Community Round, thanking the Thunder for their support as the demand for food relief continues to rise.

“It was great to meet some of the Sydney Thunder players at OzHarvest today,” she said.

“The Community Round will help raise awareness and funds for OzHarvest, as every dollar donated can provide two meals to people in need. The team are hoping to deliver at least 10,000 meals and get involved with the work we do at OzHarvest.”

The Community Round will take place on 8 January 8 2019, when Sydney Thunder take-on the Melbourne Renegades in the Rebel Women’s Big Bash and Brisbane Heat in the KFC Big Bash League.