Gurinder Sandhu

After winning the Steve Waugh Medal in his debut season in 2012-13, the ‘G-Man’ really came of age in BBL|03, leading all Thunder bowlers with ten wickets, at the frugal economy rate of 6.50 an over.

At 194cm, the big man can create great bounce and he has the ability to knock over the best batsmen, as he showed when he castled Aaron Finch in the Thunder’s big win against the Renegades in BBL|03.

A style icon who dresses well and is happy to show a touch of bling, Gurinder is of Indian heritage and speaks Punjabi and a little bit of Hindi. He still travels back to India every three or four years to visit family, and it was family that introduced him to the game, with his dad throwing balls to him in the back yard aged five!

Look out for the G-Man on G-TV on YouTube this summer.

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